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QuickBooks University is made by Mat Hultquist CPA. He has a passion for helping you, the small business owner, use QuickBooks the right way so you can really understand your business and that is fundamental to your success!
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Written by Spencer Heckathorn on Dec. 27th 2020
I first found QuickBooks University back in 2017 when I knew I had to step up my QuickBooks game to help my own business. I talked with the owner and got to know him.

Mat is great! He is not making QBU for the sake of lining his own pockets, rather he wants to help you understand your business better and get full use out of QuickBooks. 

There are so many bonuses to the program he has created including access to the moving forward as he adds new modules and makes updates. The program is so comprehensive that I have been able to learn things about QuickBooks I had no clue about previously.

In the course of talking with Mat and learning about him and his process I found out he has his own CPA firm and really doesn't promote the QBU all that much, but people like you need this program! I needed this program and still, use it today.

After some time Mat let me know he has an affiliate program and I knew this was going to be great! I got started right away making resources and helping to find customers just like you so I could introduce you to Mat and the QuickBooks University. 

Mat is kind enough to give me a special link that gives me credit but only when you use my link to purchase the program. I will get paid just a little for my effort and you will get access to the best QuickBooks training I have ever used!

About Author: Spencer Heckathorn

Spencer has been working online for years to help people with their business and marketing. You can find him doing all kinds of interesting things especially anything related to helping small businesses.
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